Show Yourself With Folker System Vert Shock!

Folker system vert shock is the new jump improvement program that resulting in height jump increasing up to 15 inches during the eight-week training program. Folker system vert shock founded by Adam Folker and Justin “Jusfly” Darlington, the experienced figure in professional basketball organization. They combine their experiment with the efficient approach to achieve maximum jump height. The program made based on the effect of the nervous system on the body movement. Specifically on twitch muscle that consists of type II B fibers that responsible for explosive movement in our body. Jumping categorize as explosive movement according to the research. So, all the exercises perform in the program will mainly focus to activate and strengthen those fibers muscles.

Focusing on the nervous system will decrease the risk of injury caused by an unnecessary workout. That is also the reason vert shock program is safe and can be performed at all age range. The program divided the exercise into three phases first is the pre-shock phase, the main phase is shock phase and the last phase is a post-shock phase. Other regular exercises also need ed to maintain the ability that been gained through the program. Vert Shock program acknowledged by NSCA to become one of the best jumping program s with golden training standard. Vert Shock program already have their name in the athlete and coaches world. This program has been used widely especially in America and the result comes true as the program claimed to be. Not only increase your jumping height, vert shock program also improve your overall athlete performance. It is really the best jumping programs which not only improve your jump ability but also improve your body in general. It is your turn to receive all these advantages now, grab your product with a discount price offer, the product cost cut off from $137 to become $67. Use these rare chance and grab your product with the best offers in it.