Back Massage Technique

Do you like a massage? Or are you a massage expert? If you need portable massage table, you can visit our website. In this article, we will explain a little back massage technique.

Move from lower back to upper back. Use the effleurage technique to provide a long sequence of soft from the top of the buttock to the base of the neck. Place each palm of your hand on each side of the spine, and move upwards, while keeping both palms aligned. Upon reaching your upper back, turn your arms outward along the shoulders, as if you were drawing the upper side of the heart shape.

Return to the lower back and use techniques to relax the large muscles beside the spine. This area tends to keep the pile of tension, so you need to allocate enough time to do it. To parse the muscle knots, use your thumb or any of the other fingers by repeatedly press-then-release techniques in the problem area.