Excess Laser Cutting Compared to Other Cutting Systems

A laser beam, plasma jet, and water jet are cutting tools of various kinds of raw materials in the industry that has been widely accepted. In the application, these tools have many similarities, so in their use are often exchanged with each other. But in fact, these three tools are very different, and the scope of the application is so extensive that these tools can complement each other and not compete with each other. Visit our website and find laguna laser review.

The laser beam cutters will be able to cut the thickness of a small material with a more complex piece geometry with higher accuracy. It may also be used for some non-metallic materials such as wood or particular plastic especially acrylic glass. The focus of the laser beam on the fuel flame depends on the use of focal length of the lens with a diameter of 0.12 to 0.25 mm, so that narrow slits allow for the production of more complex shapes as well as deeper and deeper contours of the thickness of each material, respectively, minimum starting from 0.2 mm.