Coughing Over 2 Weeks? Alert!

When climate change is uncertain, smoking and unhealthy air pollution is certainly the first and often complained by many people is a cough. This disease can occur in the aged layer. Actually, cough and sneeze a normal body reaction. Because a cough is the body’s way to remove dust particles, bacteria, cigarette smoke, pollution, and mucus that disrupt the airway. A cough caused by a virus usually does not require special handling. However, if more than two weeks you have to start alert. 90 percent of people treated because of a cough. If a cough has occurred more than two weeks, accompanied by fever, and pain, you should immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment. Such coughs indicate the occurrence of an infection and can no longer be considered a common cough. It could also be because your immunity decreases, therefore the consumption of healthy foods becomes important with the support of the best supplements such as

To prevent coughing by avoiding oily eating, drink plenty of water, and not eat too much acid and spicy because it will irritate. Then what should you do if you have contracted this cough virus? To relieve the throat should use a drug or drink containing ginger and honey.