It’s The Things You Should Watch When Changing Oil

Oil change should be done within a certain period, you must be diligent to change the vehicle oil because it will make the vehicle is always in its best state. changing the vehicle oil does cost a lot, but now you can estimate the cost incurred by looking at the oil price list at That way, you can estimate the amount of expenditure you will spend.

Then, what exactly should be considered when changing the vehicle oil?

1. Opening the bolt, this actually should not be done because it will make the engine hotter, and will make the bolt more easily damaged. You can open the bolt when the machine is no longer hot.

2. Oil Ring, you can change the oil ring every time you open the oil exhaust bolt, this is to avoid leakage during the installation of oil bolts.

3. Oil filter, you must clean the oil filter every 12,000 kilometers to remove the remaining dirt on the machine. It’s also to clean your engine of all the dirt in it.