The excellent 7 Days recipe for diet

In this article, we’d like to share with you the excellent food tips and the schedule to eat them, so you will be able to lose your weight more effectively. Aside from that, you can also try to check out if you’re also interested in a great supplement for supporting your diet program.

The First Diet Food Recipe

On the first day, you can try the diet soup menu. for example by consuming 7 Diet Recipe Fat Burning Supplements that we have distributed some time ago in a day. or you can also consume different types of soups. in this case, you can choose a vegetarian or non-veggie soup, but make sure if you do not add salt to your soup. simple is not it?

The Second Day Diet Food Recipe

Consumption of lots of fiber on your second day is a very effective option. the menu choices are foods made from cabbage or chicory. Both vegetables are proven to contain high fiber, so it is good to lose weight. make sure the processing is not wrong (for example in frying). because this will increase the accumulation of fat in your body. and vice versa, you can process it steamed, boiled or in stir-fry without oil can be the solution.

The Third Day Diet Food Recipe

For the third day, it’s time you consume more oranges or grapefruit. you can add juice containing fat-burning enzymes like grapefruit juice to your diet. This juice can help you to lose weight and can stomach quickly. you can also consume them by eating directly, without having to make juice.

The Fourth Day Diet Food Recipe

Day four, it’s time you shrink the stomach with juice. however, you also have to be smart in choosing the fruit you will make juice. because this fruit that will help you to resist hunger. and the best fruits we recommend are fruits that contain lots of water. such as pears, apples, grapes and so forth. do not forget, make sure the juice you make does not contain any sugar alias pure juice.

The Fifth Day Diet Food Recipe

The fifth day is the time to lose weight on a vegan or vegetarian diet. a vegan diet can be applied today because your body needs nutrients and vitamins in large quantities. The 3 most important vegetables you should include in the diet on this fifth day are spinach, potatoes, and carrots. this is because the three vegetable content can complement your nutritional needs. you can enjoy the three vegetables with the boiled.

The Sixth Diet Food Recipe

Well, after you consume a lot of food. now is the time you burn your body toxins with water. warm water is able to provide good benefits for burning fat quickly. ordinary water consumption of 6 to 8 liters in today and add warm water to speed up fat burning.

The Seventh Day Diet Food Recipe

Well, after you have a strict diet the first day until the sixth day. now is the time for your mind to taste the bite of your favorite food. you can try to enjoy pure chocolate or your favorite food. such as grilled chicken, ice cream and so forth. but still, add vegetables and do not consume excessively. set the portion, could be a bite just enough so you can feel it.