This is The Way FPGA Work That You Must to Know Before Using It

FPGA can indeed help you in working on the computer program, but keep in mind that FPGA is a digital IC with programmable properties. Altera fpga is also one of fpga that can help you with various things related to the computer program. FPGA also has volatile properties which when the resources that become its supply is revoked, then automatically the FPGA will lose its function.

The plot using this FPGA is the user specifies what program will be downloaded to the FPGA, then the program will be created by the user using the existing software to then be simulated. If the simulation runs smoothly, then the program is ready to be downloaded to FPGA. The groove is so easy, efficient and simple, right?
If you have made a mistake in your design, you simply justify the error and re-compile and then re-download it. Your design will run faster if using FPGA than with regular components.