Grammar Explanation in English

Slightly referring to Wikipedia, the grammar has a definition as a set of grammatical language rules. This set of rules is commonly known as grammar. If you are writing something in English and want to check out the grammar, you can visit our website and get grammar checker. Grammar has 8 parts or commonly called part of speech, among which are:

– Pronoun
– Noun
– Verb
– Adjective
– Adverb
– Determiner
– Proposition
– Conjunction

Referring to the grammar or the so-called part of speech, of course, we can realize that grammar is an important thing that must be mastered in English. Because many people who have difficulty when they have to master the grammar that has 8 parts of the speech, they become lazy to learn and practice, but there are many tips that can make us able to master grammar easily.

One of them is to learn the most basic things. These basic things are important and can be a benchmark to start mastering English slowly. The basic things here are like mastering tenses, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, phrases, clauses as well as other basic things.