Let’s test your English skills!

Learning without practice? Without ever being tested? When is it … Usually, we learn English from high school to college, cannot. Since we rarely practice what we learn, we rarely want to measure up to where our abilities and do not want in the test.

With practice, practice or test our understanding and ability to speak English will be able to be improved in a shorter time. And of course will be more fluent, be it in communicating or writing. So it will be good if you prepare yourself from now to test TOELF, IELTS, or B1 english test.

The test is able to measure our current level of ability. Therefore, we can do an evaluation on the topic where our ability must be in the teaser again. If we are consistent with our continuous learning and self-test of English language skills, I am sure we will be able to accelerate our upgrading skills.

There are several choices of media test that we can choose. You can easily buy test books, take courses, private lessons or online test via the internet.