3 Ways to Win Madden 18!

Madden NFL 18 is one of the most popular sports games and now has a new lining who called a MUT Squads. With MUT Squads, three players allow fighting against three players with three other humans in an online battle featuring the MUT’s collection of players.

In addition, to play Madden 18 you can easily get the mut coins at https://www.themutmarket.com/. Therefore, here are 3 ways to win Madden 18!

Know your Person
An offensive and defensive captain and head coach will have by you. Their collection including lists on each side of the ball and his manual will be used by the captain. The head coach will bring head coaches, stadiums, and uniforms.

The Offensive Captain is the Best QB
The player with the best offensive card may not be the best offensive captain. If the player is not as competent as QB, you probably do not want to have it to be an OC. The default QB control goes to OC on every down.

If Not Instruct, Don’t Run Your Route
Undisciplined route of walking is one of the biggest problems my team in ran into the MUT Squad session. Players who control the wide receivers will break their route without any prior communication, and it is almost impossible to finish the track as it happens. If not pre-played, or this is a fight, the receiver must stick to their route to maintain the best chance of success.